International Carpe Diem Foundation

Announcing Carpe Mundi!

For Immediate Release

International Carpe Diem Foundation proudly announces our name change to Carpe Mundi. We believe Carpe Mundi, "seize the world," better represents our vision to transform Portland youth into global change-makers, by using the world as a classroom to teach awareness, empathy and engagement.

This change also reflects the growing direct service capacity of our nonprofit, which, through the expansion of the Carpe College Program, World Class, and Transformative Travel Groups, no longer acts as just a scholarship foundation.

  • The Carpe College Program mentors students through a successful completion of a year college by providing them with the academic and financial support to succeed academically as well as the transformational element of a three-month international experiential education program in Central America, South America, India, East Africa or South East Asia.
  • World Class, initially developed by The Pangaea Project, is a ten-week course, taught in Portland area alternative high schools centered on social justice and world issues. This course is designed as an intro for students wanting to apply for the College Carpe Program and to promote global awareness within local high schools.
  • Transformative Travel Groups are 10-16 day customized group travel programs to destinations around the world. Our programs allow schools, families, professional organizations, or groups of colleagues or friends to immerse themselves in local culture, take time to reflect, have a great time and be benefactors, both locally and globally.

As Carpe Mundi's non-profit program grows, this name change also differentiates us from, our for-profit partner, Carpe Diem Education, who provides invaluable support that allows Carpe Mundi to deliver top notch education abroad opportunities to our disadvantaged youth.

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